When letting go is the only way forward

Sometimes the only way forward is to let go and start over.

Call it releasing, moving on, quitting, reinventing, evolving, transforming, transcending, recalibrating – whatever feels right for you. But if something no longer works or serves its purpose our route needs to be updated, just like GPS.

To keep thinking or doing the same things even though they are not working is wasted energy.

The only way out of this situation is to innovate, get creative and just try something different.

Sometimes change requires only subtle adjustments but sometimes it’s as dramatic as a revolution. It might mean your whole life falls apart so you can rebuild a new and better one.

Sometimes life doesn’t even give us choice, it simply thrusts us into the unknown.

Letting go calls for us to embrace the unknown and to trust that somehow a new path will emerge for us. It calls for courage, to take action even though we are afraid. It may also involve grieving for what is lost.

But there is always something good on the other side, it might just be different to what we’re used to.

We will never know how much we can blossom until we let go of who, what or where we are now.

Just observe a butterfly and ask for its wisdom on the matter.

Evolution is a revolution.

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