Somatic Stress & Tension Release with TRE®

with Christine Wehrmeier


Over 4 weeks together, we will be combining education about nervous system regulation, with guided practice of therapeutic tremoring and movement.

This course is suitable for most people. It will complement and enhance all other activities you do for your wellbeing. It may even be life changing.


  • Sundays 10-11.30am
  • 4 week commitment
  • Limited to 8 participants
  • $175 NZD
  • Venue: Flow Wellbeing Centre
  • 229 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch Central, 8011

Sometimes we don’t realise the weight of what we have been carrying until we feel the weight of its release.


Flow Therapeutics

229 Fitgerald Avenue, Christchurch Central 8011

“Thank you, I’m so grateful to have done these TRE classes with you, it’s so deeply relaxing — it feels so beautiful in my heart.”



There are some important things you need to know about TRE.

Are There Any Precautions?

Please DO NOT sign up if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have had any recent surgeries or injuries still under physician’s care
  • You are pregnant – or there is a chance you could be pregnant
  • You have a history of epilepsy/seizures in you or your family
  • You have issues with high/low blood pressure
  • You are taking prescribed medications, particularly for psychological or psychiatric conditions including depression
  • You have been diagnosed with any of the following, whether in the past or present:  Manic/depressive, Bipolar conditions, Schizophrenia, Severe depression, Psychosis, Borderline Personality disorder, Concussion, Head or Brain injuries, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These diagnoses require more expertise than I can offer you.

Please get in touch with me first if you are not sure.

If You Have a History of Mental Health Issues

Unfortunately I cannot teach TRE to anyone who has been diagnosed with any of the following, whether in the past or present:

  • Manic/depressive
  • Bipolar conditions
  • Schizophrenia
  • Severe depression
  • Psychosis
  • Borderline Personality disorder
  • Concussion
  • Head or Brain injuries
  • Severe Post Traumatic Stress

If this applies to you, you will need to find a TRE provider who has additional, relevant qualifications and/or expertise in working with conditions like these.

Should I Join a Group or Have Private Sessions?

The benefit of private sessions is that you get my full attention, we can be completely guided by your needs, we can go nice and slow and I can hold a stronger container and space for you if you have a big release.

It's often hard to know what our first TRE session will be like, but if you have previous experience of trauma or PTSD, if you are currently experiencing a high degree of stress or know that you have a dysregulated nervous system, then I highly recommend you have a private session first. Even if the trauma is from long ago.

What If I Have a Trauma History?

TRE is healing for all kinds of trauma. The brilliant thing is that you don't have to talk or think about it to release it.

That said, if you have a known history of serious trauma in your life, even if it feels like it was years ago and forgotten already, I strongly recommend having at least one private session first before deciding whether to join a group. You may find private sessions give you the space and privacy that you might benefit from.

I also recommend ensuring that you start at a time when you have the bandwidth and self-care resources to process anything that is released.

Very often, we are unaware of quite how much tension we have stored up and the TRE learning process is a bit like opening a bottle of soda. We need to do so gently and slowly.

As we start to release tension, we can sometimes feel a bit fragile, tired, like we want to stay at home and not deal with the busy world. This is normal in all therapeutic processes and often passes in a day or two.

If you are currently having sessions with have a qualified therapist, psychologist, doctor or mental health practitioner, it's best to discuss your interest in TRE and get their advice on whether they feel you are ready for it. Particularly if you are on anti-depressants or other prescribed medication.

That said, it could complement your therapy sessions very well.


Is TRE suitable for children?

Yes it is. TRE is for anyone including children.

It is recommended that parents or guardians learn TRE first before their children. This is so that parents have calmed their own nervous systems first and can give their children valuable support and guidance at home if necessary through the TRE learning process.

Practising TRE together at home can be a beautiful experience for a family and can really increase harmony.

What's The Difference Between TRE and Yoga or Other Practises?

There are many forms of bodywork and exercise that have fantastic benefits for the body, wellbeing and that help create relaxation. Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts are just a few. All of these require some degree of conscious effort to move the body.

The key difference is that TRE is the only practice that gets straight to the nervous system.

The tremors require no conscious effort.

The point of TRE is not the actual exercises, so it's not a form of fitness. The exercises are simply a means to help activate your tremors and once that's happened, the point is to simply let your body tremor whenever it needs to release stress.

Tremoring is as innate and natural as yawning, shivering or sneezing.

Because of this key difference, TRE is a wonderful complement to all other forms of bodywork and exercise and can really enhance your other practises.

Can I join if I am a Certified TRE Provider?

From time to time I am approached by other certified TRE providers wanting to joining my beginners courses. I have made the decision to not make space for certified TRE providers on my courses as there are plenty of other groups, masterclasses and places you can connect with experienced TRE practitioners. You might also want to discuss a mentoring arrangement with your TRE trainer, however, I am not a trainer and do not offer this myself.

I invite you to join me



TRE® denotes TRE’s registered trademark. Dr. David Berceli holds the Copyright, Trademark and Service Mark (SM) for all TRE training materials and the TRE process. All rights to use are reserved and TRE FOR ALL, Inc (TFA) (NGO) holds distribution rights. Also protected are: Trauma Release Process SM, Tension Release Process SM.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: check ‘TRE’ stands for ‘Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises’  or ‘Trauma Releasing Exercises’ to access an ethical and responsible shaking model developed by TRE for All, Inc. A ‘total release event’ is likely to be a poor copy of TRE®

TRE® has not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration or the American Medical Association.

This technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner. Results may vary between individuals.

There are no guarantees, expressed, or implied.

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