Like my website?

Why thank you, I made it myself.

I am also a website designer with 10 years experience and a business coach with 20 years sales, media and customer service experience. I put a lot of thought and time into creating a whole VIP customer experience journey – not just a website.

It makes a huge difference between just a nice looking website and a website that actually gets bookings, is easy and enjoyable for people to use.

If you’d like a beautiful website like this too, I take on a limited number of custom website projects each year. It’s a full service process, so I do a lot of the thinking for you. If needed, I also help with copy, branding – the works. This is an investment in your business as well as a genuine service for your clients.

Most people are not willing to commit to such an investment and so they settle for a DIY website. 

Are you ready to stand out from the rest?

book a free consultation.

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