Our Purpose Is To Heal



I’ve stopped seeing the world as an angry, destructive, hopeless place. I have finally realised that all the anger, destruction and apathy we see around us is a result of pain. Our individual suffering is part of a collective trauma – one that has been snowballing for generations. 

Our purpose is to heal it.

I’m here to heal my own trauma and suffering and so are you. Like pixels on a screen, this becomes a beautiful picture in high definition, but every pixel is incredibly important for the final outcome.

This is why I now focus on healing our individual lives. On creating peace within first.

It’s not that activism and standing up for causes isn’t important, but that there will be no breakthroughs without the healing.

In the same way that a plant cannot grow without strong roots.

This is why I finally understand there is so much to be hopeful for. But we must still do the healing work.


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