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How To Blog

This course covers everything I know about blogging. It is specific to WordPress websites and I have used the latest of WordPress (5.6). However, all of sections 1-3 relate to anyone regardless of what platform you use. I have created this for a complete beginner, so no previous knowledge is required, but if you are already an experienced blogger, I can assure you I have juicy nuggets of information for you too.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Level: Beginner – Intermediate



1. Understand

We talk about the value of blogging as a means of communicating and connecting with your audience. We also look at all the important considerations for you to make when approaching posting content. I explain Google Searches and SEO in very user friendly, non-technical language.

2. Create

In this section we talk about the different kinds of content you can share and how to find topics for you to share. I’ve included a downloadable PDF of content suggestions as well.

3. Prepare

Before you can publish your post, we need source images and prepare your text and any other content. I explain where you can find images to use and all the steps you need to follow to get your content ready to post.

4. Publish

We learn how to publish a blog post! I go through the process slowly and with detailed explanations, and I’ve done a second video with a quick, real-time version for those times you need to just pop in to remind yourself quickly. I also show you some nifty new content modules and how to make your blog posts really beautiful.

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