Welcome to Moments In Sound, a podcast exploring places and presence through sound. So often when we visit places we are focussed on taking photos, yet totally oblivious to the beautiful sounds around us. Even silence is full of magic. Join me, Christine Wehrmeier, as I make my audio adventures. Let’s re-discover being in the moment by simply listening to the sounds around us.

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Over the years in my life as a photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors in all kinds of weather, waiting for the perfect shot. Before Instagram was even a thing, I’d often find myself alone somewhere for hours, waiting for the perfect sunset for a photo that might end up in a book or magazine, while others were off having dinner. But I never felt lonely. I felt honoured to be experiencing such a special moment in nature, or in a place, that no one else seemed to even notice. It felt like I was in on the biggest secret of life.

A place is not just about the beautiful scenery, it’s also about the sounds, the smells, the energy, and just being there in the moment. I can spend an hour blissfully sitting in the quiet stillness somewhere, with just the birds and trees and suddenly humans will come blaring into a place and change the atmosphere abruptly. Yet they miss the magical birdsong that was happening, they might take some photos and rush off without really experiencing any of it. 

I believe sound is a largely forgotten sense, yet it is such a powerful portal to the present moment. I hope this podcast inspires you to be more aware of all the sounds around you, and perhaps lead you into a more mindful state of being.

In the true spirit of being in the moment, I do not plan any of my recordings. I generally carry my sound recorder with me on all outings and if I stumble across a special moment I simply stop and enjoy it – with you.


Moments In Sound is available primarily as an audio podcast, but I do occasionally share some video content on YouTube when I have something special for you. Please note, you will not find all episodes there, just when I have video content available. It’s best to subscribe to Apple or Spotify so you don’t miss any episodes.