Make Your Own DIY Photobooth

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN DIY PHOTOBOOTH // I used to offer Polaroid photobooths for hire as part of my wedding packages. There are many excellent, professional photobooth companies who offer digital photography with professional lighting and a photographer to man the photobooth. If you don’t have the budget or the space for a photobooth like that you can still make your own and you can use them for any party or occasion.

What you will need:
  • Polaroid or Instant Camera – get yourself a Fujifilm Instax or similar (the wide one is better for taking pictures of groups).
  • Film – the investment is in the film as they come in at around £1 per film. If you’re having around 100 guests, then I suggest buying 100 films (They often come in 10 or 20 per pack). You may not use all of them but better to have more which you can use another time.
  • Party Props – You can buy a whole selection of party props for around £60 at most good party stores. In London I shop at the Party Superstore in Clapham, but they also have an online shop that delivers throughout the UK.
  • A suitcase or box to display them in
  • Make a sign – ie. “Welcome to the Photobooth”
  • An eager friend who will take charge and be polaroid photographer. This is not essential and there is usually at least one eager guest who discovers the photobooth and happily takes the lead without being asked.


TIPS for your DIY Photobooth:

There are few key points to having a successful DIY photobooth so that you get the photos you want.

  • Choose where you put it carefully – Put it where people can see it clearly and not in a dark corner. Putting it near the bar or dance floor is great, because this is where the fun gravitates to, but still give it plenty of space and visibility. Don’t put it too close to or on the dance floor. You don’t want people tripping over each on the dance floor or spilling drinks on it at the bar. You might want to put it in an area where people have more space and a bit of quiet.
  • Communicate its existence to your guests – Even with a nice set up and little sign in front of it, many of your guests may not notice it. Get your MC to announce it at the beginning or end of speeches and give instructions for what you want them to do. If you want them to take a photo to leave for your guest book, tell them that.

how-to-make-diy-photobooth_0013 how-to-make-diy-photobooth_0014

People WILL leave the polaroid images for you if you tell them too. These days, most people just want their iPhone photos to share on Facebook anyway, so everyone gets what they want.

How to make your own DIY Polaroid Photobooth

How to make your own DIY Photobooth

You might also want to order an Instaframe to add an Instagram feel to it and don’t forget to create a hashtag for your wedding that guests can use to tag their images.

how-to-make-diy-photobooth_0009 how-to-make-diy-photobooth_0005 how-to-make-diy-photobooth_0004  how-to-make-diy-photobooth_0006

And that’s it. Simples!




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