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If you’re looking for a way to develop and enhance your intuition, tune into the music you’re currently listening to. Pay attention to the lyrics of the songs you are listening to most. We are often drawn to songs that have relevance and messages for us in that moment.

Most of the time when we listen to music, we are not really paying attention to the lyrics at all. Have you ever loved a song and only ten years later realised what the lyrics really are?

We can like songs without necessarily knowing why, we might simply say that we love the tune because it has a great beat or a melody.

Ear Worm Or Message In A Song?

Sometimes we get an “ear worm” or a song playing over and over in our heads that we can’t seem to get rid of. We treat them with the same annoyance as we do hiccups. Everyone has their own personal explanation and remedy. The one I’ve heard most often suggests that it’s because we probably heard a bit of the song at some point in the day and can’t remember the whole song, so our mind is agitated and it will keep repeating in our heads until we’ve heard it once through in its entirety.

I actually think it’s not far from the truth. I have found that songs that follow us and annoy us like that are doing so because they are trying to get our attention. But it can often just come completely out of the blue.

If you look up the song, listen to it and pay attention to the lyrics, you may find a message you need to hear.

Music is energy, like everything else, so you’re probably resonating with that song for more reasons than one.

Your intuition, or your subconscious mind (however you prefer to look at it), is probably telling you something quite valuable.

Of course, not every song you hear is going to be a message for you. You can hear hundreds, if not thousands, of songs each year and only a few of them will follow you like little bees buzzing and trying to get your attention.

My suggestion is to make a note of the song, the lyrics, the date and what the question or concern you are feeling deep in your heart at this time. It may take a bit of time for it to make sense, or perhaps it is very clear to you what the relevance is.

Music As An Oracle

Having discovered music as a messenger from my subconscious, or my intuition, I have taken it much further over the years.

Sometimes when I’m looking for an answer to something in my life, I might ask a question rhetorically, perhaps I will express it in a prayer. I don’t have an expected outcome. I just ask it, in the same way you could innocently send a letter to Santa Claus in the post, knowing full well you probably won’t get anything back but that’s ok, it makes you feel good to do it anyway.

But I found at some years ago, that when I do this, I will often start hearing a song in my head quite suddenly. The more I try to ignore it, the more it bugs me. So I’ve learnt to pay attention now. The first thing I will do is either listen to the song in full if I can, or find the full lyrics, and notice in particular the bit of the song I keep hearing in my head.

Example 1: Hold On For One More Day

In 2020, my partner and I had a lot of personal upheaval and had to move quite a few times as a result of the pandemic. There came a point in the year when we decided that it was time to make roots and stay put somewhere, so we wanted to find a new home to rent. I was quite anxious about how difficult it might be to find somewhere because we had just moved to a completely new country and it had been such an unsettling year. We had literally just made the decision to start looking and I said a little prayer for help and guidance. Shortly afterwards, I started to feel anxious again when a song came into my head completely out of the blue.

It was “Hold On” by Wilson Philiips. I hadn’t heard that song in about 20 years!

The lyrics go “…don’t you know, things will change, things will go your way, if you hold on for one more day…”. I felt a little reassured.

That afternoon, I got a response from someone to make an arrangement to see a place. We had already been contacting landlords occasionally when we saw listings, but no one ever responded to us, which was so disheartening and is why I had been so anxious. But we saw the property the day after, it was perfect in every way, it was far nicer than we had expected and we signed the contract immediately.

Example 2: Relationship Advice

Many years ago, I was in bad relationship. I felt that it wasn’t right for some time, but I kept ignoring my intuition and wasn’t brave enough to just leave.

I totally fell in love with the song “Dove (I’ll Be Loving You)” by Moony in that time and would listen to it all the time, over and over. It sounds like a happy, upbeat song and I would listen to it on my daily runs for that exact reason. But after a long time, I started to listen to the lyrics and realised the subject was not what I had thought. It described my exact situation and I didn’t like that at first, but I soon realised that I really needed to leave my relationship. I later received all the confirmation I needed to show me that my intuition had been right and that my ex-boyfriend was in fact a very dishonest person.

Why can’t he give her his love, No more again/ Tears on her face, the dove / She cries, she knows / She won’t be able to fly away from him / She’ll look a red roses in spring / No she won’t be able to sing the song of love….. Oh God, can you help me? The answer is easy my love / You’ve built your own jail / You’ve always been part of the sky / So why d’you keep staying by his side / Away from me… She’s a white dove / An angel in disguise / She fell in love with the man / But this man won’t give back her love / So this is her cry

Example 3: As The Pandemic Unfolded

I am not a fortune teller or anything like that and I wasn’t really sure whether I should really share this story but here goes.

In February 2020 I arrived in Sydney just as the pandemic was starting to spread globally. People down under were still quite blasé about the whole thing but I couldn’t help but feel it was going to be huge and I felt anxious about it. My jetlag was huge, so I went to have a nap and I prayed for some guidance, I wanted to know what it all meant.

As I started to doze off, I heard a song in my head which I vaguely recognised as being a Lionel Richie song. I just kept hearing the intro over and over. As tired as I was, I decided to look it up. I got my phone out and previewed a bunch of Lionel Richie songs on Spotify until I found it. It’s called “Love Will Conquer All”. I also looked up the lyrics as I listened to it and I got goosebumps and tingles, because it was the reassurance I needed. I still listen to it now and then when I need to think of something hopeful.

Have a listen to the song. It’s about reaching out to each other, making it through difficult times and challenges, remembering to love each other in a sometimes unkind world.

Using Music To Shift Your Energy

It’s important to also realise the potential for music as a powerful tool to consciously shift your energy and not just something we passively experience.

For the same reason Shamans of many cultures have used the power of drumming to clear out or shift energy, you can do the same simply by being selective to what you listen to.

During difficult times of my life, I have go-to albums or songs that I like to listen to. I used to have a “sad songs” list that I could just listen to over and over and mope about in my own self-pity. In some respect it was soothing, but after months of listening to the same depressing and sad music I realised that I was choosing to stay in this low energy state every time I played that list. So I snapped out of it.

If you can’t bring yourself to listen to happier or more uplifting tunes, how about just switching the music off? I’ve had long periods of my life where I’ve actually not listened to music at all. Instead I simply listen to nature and enjoy the silence.

I know it sounds drastic. I am a musician and recording artist and for most of my life I listened to music almost all day, every day until a few years ago. I used to have a Sony Discman in my pocket during school breaks and all my free time. I was the annoying 21 year old who used to drive around the city playing music far too loud with my windows down. If you had told me back then that I would happily go a whole year without listening to music (ambient music in my surroundings excluded), I would have told you you’re crazy. But it was a great way to reset.

I now enjoy both times of silence and times of music. And I have a good pair of headphones so that I never have to disturb anyone else. But the main lesson for me was consciously choosing what I listen to.

As I’ve grown and evolved, I’ve also become aware of the lyrics to so many of my old favourite songs and realised that they send out the wrong vibes into the universe. For example, there are so many songs about love that suggest we are not whole without another person. That’s not a healthy way of thinking. Even though we often don’t pay attention to the lyrics, when we listen to the same thing over and over, the message still gets into our subconscious, just as advertising and marketing influences our consumer behaviour.

I can’t bear to listen to much commercial music now as a result. But I love to spend time creating new playlists, it’s a creative and pleasing activity.

Possibly the biggest realisation I had about the power of music to shift our energy was when I learnt Japanese Taiko drumming in London. I never found drums particularly interesting, I’ve always loved melodious instruments, but some years ago, I was drawn to go to a workshop.

There is something amazing about hitting those big, powerful, resonant taiko drums in a group and in a rhythm. I felt so energised and excited. I had never felt such pure joy and a rush of energy since I was a child.

Now I don’t have drums at home and I don’t think any of our neighbours would appreciate that, but I have high quality recordings of some drumming that I listen to with my headphones and it has the same effect of making me feel calm, balanced and clear.

I had originally assumed that the power was participating in the drumming itself, but I think anyone who has ever been to a concert will know that there is a huge energy just being in the audience and experiencing it all.

I recorded some of our class drumming for a video I wanted to make and I noticed that whenever I listened to the songs, it changed my emotional state. And each drumming song made me feel a bit different. I have since discovered pure and simple shaman drumming can be very soothing when I’m agitated and need to get some balance and the taiko drumming awakens my energy when I need to lift myself up.

So in the same way, you can consciously choose the music you listen to, notice the way it makes you feel and create a playlist – or several playlists of songs to help you lift your mood or your energy. It’s a great self-care tool and it’s also fun.

In Summary

I encourage you to actively experiment with music in your life, as a tool for helping you connect with your intuition and subconscious, as well as to help you change your energy when you feel it needs to be shifted.

Music is powerful in so many ways and I have only touched on a few points here. The great thing is you don’t even need to have any musical ability to appreciate it and use it creatively in your life.

I recently discovered the joy of dancing with my headphones on, all alone in the dark in the kitchen. When you feel it, let it speak to you and let it be fun!


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