January 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up



Welcome to my January 2021 Bullet Journal set up! I have my notebook and my pencil case ready to go, if you’ve got yours ready you can follow along too. 

I’ve decided to keep things pretty simple this year, I am prone to overthinking things and being perfectionist, but getting nowhere as a result so I love simple & easy solutions, like using a bit of pretty, gold MT washi tape for decoration. I actually decided to line the first page of every month with the gold washi tape, which will also kind of act as a bookmark. 


I drew a sketch of a dragonfly last night. It was a very spontaneous idea, I love dragonflies and everything they symbolise and I thought it would be nice to have a sun in the backdrop to go with my yellow/golden theme. I totally didn’t see that the wings were wrong until the end, sorry about that, but I did try and fix it a bit. You will see that I love to use my pencils and gold gel pen to add colour and sparkle to my pages. They can really add vibrance to quite simple pages.

For the next page, I’ve made a circle where I can put my oracle card for the month when January 1st comes around. I like to pick an oracle card or a tarot card at the beginning of each month and see what advice or insight it gives and then to look back on it later. It’s fun and sometimes quite helpful.


I’ve put a page for monthly goals and ideas. I’m trying to go easy with the goal setting this year because last year I had so many and didn’t achieve many, but also I ended up doing lots of unexpected spontaneous things that were also great, so I’m letting the goals and ideas kind of cross-over and cross-pollinate. I’m not sure how it will work yet, but the fun is in finding out.

This morning I found some new pastel highlighters at the store and I think I’m going to use them a lot this year because they just really help brighten up a page and make it look more interesting, without actually having to do much at all. You could use any highlighters, I just like that these are not so fluorescent and more subdued. 


I’m trying out a monthly calendar for January and will organise myself around the month rather than by each separate week. There’s space on the side for me to write notes and tasks and I hope this might work better for me. Last year I was using weekly pages like these. I love these layouts, they were inspired by Shayda Campbell and I just love her work. The only thing was that I didn’t really use the pages well, if at all. I ended up writing daily routines, just to fill up the space. I’m not sure if that was because 2020 was just weird and without structure most days, but I also don’t like it when I put a task down for a particular day and actually don’t get around to doing it a week later. As long as I get it done in reasonable time, then that’s good enough for me. I’ll see how this goes and review it again for the next month.

I’m also putting a little bit in the top right corner so I can record my song of the month. This idea is actually inspired by AmandaRachLee who I think likes to just record her favourite song each month. I think it’s such a great idea. I’m using it for slightly different reasons – I often get songs stuck in my head and I have noticed that they are always related to the situation in my life and have some kind of message or predictive quality to them. It’s almost like having a tarot card reading with songs. Anyway, it’s a bit of fun.


Over recent years, I have become really fascinated by my wellbeing and understanding the relationship between my body, my habits, and emotional and physical wellbeing. Things such as getting enough sleep, doing my stretches and exercise and so on. I’ve been using the same tracking style all last year. I basically create a line for every habit, and every day is represented by a circle that I put inside a box 1 dot wide. I put 15 days on the left side of the middle of the page, and the remaining number of days on the right side. I will colour them each day, if I have done them successfully.

I’m also creating an extra row to capture the days of my period and this year I’m also going to start tracking the cycles of the moon. 

At the very bottom of the page is space to capture my mood. Each day, I will give my mood and sense of wellbeing a rating out of 1-10. This is actually a technique I’ve learnt and adopted from my TRE training, which stands for tension and trauma release exercises. The scale  is designed to help raise your self-awareness about how grounded – or stressed – you are feeling at any given moment. I have found it such a useful technique because since I’ve learnt it, I am so much better at stopping and reflecting on how I’m feeling and if something triggers me, I can stop and do something to calm myself. So I thought it would be very interesting to adopt a similar scale to monitor my days and see if there are any links to my habits or even my cycles.


This page is basically like a gratitude journal except I prefer to use the language of “highlight of my day”. I’m creating one line for every day of the month and each day I will simply record one thing that was the highlight for me. It will probably often involve things like playing with the neighbour’s cat or doing some exercise. It doesn’t matter. 

And finally I’m leaving a page for my content planner. I have a lot of projects that I work on at any given time and it’s sometimes hard to keep track so this will hopefully help.


I will leave space for whatever inspires me during the month, whether it’s just writing thoughts, recording my dreams and documenting significant and interesting things that happen. I’ll show you at the end of January.

That’s it for this month’s set up. You can watch the video for the full layout. I will see you in 2021 for more!



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