Christine Wehrmeier

Healing Space


How I can help you.

The goal of these sessions is to provide you with a safe, welcoming, healing space to unpack whatever it is that is weighing you down. We do that in the way that suits you best.

Whether it’s difficult emotions or situations in your life, managing stress, tension, pain or general healing, we work through it at your own pace and according to your needs.

Maybe you want to talk, maybe you don’t. Maybe we might try some gentle movement, breath work or mindfulness. Maybe you want to express your emotions, maybe not. Maybe you’d just love to receive some healing reiki energy. We will be guided by your needs, let’s just see.

I have a variety of integrative somatic healing practises, mindfulness and trauma-sensitive approaches that I can call upon. 

But really there is also just whole lot of deep listening and compassion to help you become self-empowered to navigate your own way.


Therapeutic but not “Therapy”

It’s important to mention that I am not a licensed psychotherapist or counsellor. I have a degree in psychology and I have studied extensively in the field of trauma healing, past clients have also described me as being like a therapist — however, I have personally chosen to provide healing that focuses more on empathy and the innate healing capacity of our bodies. I don’t use clinical or template approaches because I find them too restrictive and impersonal.

I provide the kind of healing space that I needed on my own journey. I believe you have all the answers within you, maybe I can help you feel safe enough to find it.



Supported Access

These are challenging times and I understand that not everyone has access to funds right now – but I believe you still deserve access to healing. I offer occasional free online classes (sign up to my newsletter to receive updates on next classes). I also offer a 30% discount on paid classes and healing sessions for those who need it. If it feels right for your circumstances, please go ahead and use the coupon code: ACCESS

If you have the financial means and would like to help contribute to this Supported Access scheme, please feel free to add the optional donation when making your booking. 

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