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You were born to shine.

I don’t believe you need to change or be fixed. I believe you need space to unfold and blossom.

We all carry the burden of so much in our bodies. The external pressures and expectations placed on us, past emotional hurts, all kinds of stress and trauma – all of this holds us back from being free to live authentically and to find inner peace, contentment and joy.

Although stress is a natural part of life, there is definitely more to life than stress.

I have created a course that is designed to help let go of what you longer need, so that you have space to truly shine.

I hope you will be part of this journey with us.

Christine x




Are tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed all the time


Would like to feel more at peace with yourself and the world


Would like to be more resilient in the face of difficulties


Would like a simple, natural and effective way to release stress


Feeling drawn to explore a different way of living


Want to follow your heart and connect with a deeper purpose


Would like to feel more empowered, content & joyful


Would love to have more authentic & harmonious relationships, both at home and at work


Like practical tools + life skills and less woo woo


Would love to be part of a small and wholehearted group exploring these themes together




Transforming & releasing stress


Becoming grounded & embodied


Finding peace within ourselves and in the world


Creating harmonious relationships


Self-awareness & self-exploration


Creating space in our busy lives


Becoming empowered


Living wholeheartedly & authentically



1.     Learning to feel beautifully at home in our bodies and release any unnecessary tension and baggage that we carry.

I teach TRE as the primary, practical self-help tool for releasing tension and trauma from our nervous systems and as means to come home to our bodies. It’s like learning to take the handbrake off on your car – so much better!

2.     Learning to understand and befriend our nervous systems so that we understand what happens inside us when we experience stress in whatever form it comes.

3.     Learning valuable grounding techniques and self-care tools that you can turn to whenever you encounter stress. This can include all kinds of things such as breathwork, grounding exercises, yoga, mindfulness practises, etc. You can easily take many activities that interest you already and use them for your wellbeing.

4.     Develop and nurture self-awareness and self-regulation. This is about being mindful of your body and yourself so you are able to respond to situations with more integrity. You will start to notice that you are not as affected by triggers anymore and realise you always have a choice how to respond to a situation.

5.     Enhance human connection in your life.  At this point your self-awareness and understanding of how our nervous systems work will give you superpowers when it comes to relating and working with others – especially when they are stressed. Their stress will no longer spill over to you and you will have healthier boundaries. Your relationships will start to really thrive.

6.     Creating space for joy.  Once your body is no longer over-burdened with baggage you start to have more inner space and bandwidth to experience joy, peace, contentment, stronger intuition and sense of purpose in life.

7.     From here there’s so much potential for you!


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to





Fridays starting October 22nd 2021

Time: 19 -21 UK/BST

8 Weeks – Last Session December 10th


Group size : 6

Learn TRE®

I will teach you TRE® in two, private online sessions which you should complete before we start the group sessions. You can book these at your convenience.

The reason for the inclusion of TRE® in this course is because you will experience how releasing stress and tension in this innovate and natural way can help you to unblock and unburden yourself of the things that may currently prevent you from living with more energy, joy and a sense of peace and freedom.

Weekly Themes

Each week we will explore themes, that build upon each other. By the end you will have a whole new insight, perspective and set of valuable life skills that will help you to live a much more empowered life.

Most, if not all, of the content covered is based on empirical research in the fields of psychology, mindfulness, trauma therapy, sleep science, health etc.


One of the key aspects we will explore is the many ways to stay grounded and to feel fully present and alive. It’s the not-so-secret magic of this course, and has applications in all areas of your life. Whether you want to learn to create better personal or energetic boundaries, feel more resilient in stressful situations etc., you will learn grounding in a whole new, powerful but simple way.


Group Discussion

One of the most powerful aspects of these sessions will be our group discussions. It is very important to me to make sure everyone feels deeply seen & heard. We will also learn how we create this kind of authentic connection in our every day lives.

While this is not a therapy group, it may have therapeutic effects to participate in our circle of love.



Fun Homework

After each class you will be given some simple homework for you to explore between sessions, so that we can also discuss our discoveries together as a group. It’s up to you how much time you spend on it, it’s for your own personal benefit.

Our Inner Compass

This course is very much about becoming much more finely attuned and connected to your body and to your intuition. We will learn to see the mind not as an enemy but a cheeky and loveable friend. This is all about how to live a soul-led life.

Group TRE® Practise

Each class will end with group TRE practise to help deepen your personal practise, to help you release tension and feel deeply relaxed – what a beautiful way to end the working week.

By the end of the course you will be confident practising on your own whenever you need, for the rest of your life.

Online Community

You will be invited to join our private online community where you will have a safe online space, without ads or news. It’s a great space to discuss topics even outside the scope of the course. You will have continued access after the course finishes so that you can remain connected and supported by the group if you choose.

Price: £450







Why Tension Releasing Exercises?

The reason for the inclusion of TRE® in this course is because you will experience how releasing stress, tension, and even trauma, in this innovate and natural way can help you to unblock and unburden yourself of the things that may currently prevent you from living with more energy, joy and a sense of peace and freedom.

The problem with a lot of coaching and self-development courses is that not many actually successfully help to remove our blockages on a longer term basis. So we just repeat the same patterns of stress over and over.

It is now widely understood that stress & trauma remain stuck in our bodies until we deal with it. No amount of talking, thinking or journalling alone will work.

TRE® requires no conscious effort, it is a natural process. 

I’ve designed a course that puts your body at the core. We first let go of the tension and learn to understand the body better.

The group sessions then add a circle of support, love and knowledge to help you navigate your own healing journey in an empowered way.

Together we can work through any questions or experiences that may arise in your TRE practise. You are not alone in any of it.

This is truly a life changing course of self-discovery and a great foundation for self-empowered living. I am sharing the very best tools and techniques I’ve used over the years. I wish I had learnt all of this at school.


After just a couple of TRE sessions with Christine, I experienced a powerful release of some kind. It was like a heavy bowling ball was lifted out of my body — all that negative energy that I was carrying around all my life and didn’t realise. I feel so much lighter now. I also feel so empowered. It’s as though by simply letting go of whatever was holding me back also opened up space for so much possibility in my life and that excites me!



How much homework is there going to be?

This is not a formal course, so there are no actual performance requirements.

The homework element is meant to be a fun self-exploration for your own benefit. It is intended to be a useful way to put our learnings into practise so we can discuss them in the following week. You will get as much out of it as you choose to put in.

That said, on average you may want to spend approx 1 hour a week doing homework exercises such as journalling. You can do more or less if you wish.


Is this course just for women?

This course is open to everyone! If it speaks to you, then you are very welcome.

Will sessions be recorded in case I can't make a date?

No. There are no plans to record any of the sessions. The main reason is that I am very intentional about holding an emotionally & psychologically safe space for my groups and I find that recording sessions detracts from that. If you happen to miss a session I will share any slides and written material.

If you already know that you will be unable to make more than one of the dates then I would ask that you consider waiting until the next time I run a course.

This course works best because of the personal commitment participants make to being present and it would be a shame for you to miss a lot of it.

How do I book the private TRE sessions included in this course?

Please sign up for the Empowerment Sessions course first. Once you are booked, you will receive a confirmation email from me with a direct scheduling link to book your private TRE sessions.

Do not book via the bookings page unless you want spend more 😉

Is it necessary to do the TRE sessions with you?

Yes. This course is designed around TRE at its core, it will make little sense if this element is skipped.

It’s also important to have the 2 private TRE sessions before we start the course so that I can teach you the exercises properly and show you how to self-regulate.

We will be practising TRE as a group at the end of each session to relax and develop our individual TRE journeys. However, I will not be teaching the full exercises so you will already need to be familiar with TRE by then.

If you have already completed at least 2 TRE sessions with me in the last year, you can skip the private sessions if you wish, or may wish to have further individual practise for your own benefit.

My schedule is currently very flexible for times so book your sessions soon if you want to get the best times. You will need to complete them by Oct 14th.


Your True Essence

By the end of this course you will be equipped with many valuable life skills, grounding techniques and a newfound self-awareness, self-appreciation and feeling of personal empowerment.

You will be a ninja when it comes to dealing with stress. You will feel much more resilient, more grounded — that will help in all your relationships. You’ll also know how to create more space and a practical self-care plan for a busy life and much more. 

I’ve taught TRE® to many people and seen release of tension and deep relaxation every time. I have also experienced profound personal healing and transformation through my own regular practise, coupled with my other training and experience.

Everything included in this course is the very best of what I have learnt, studied, practised, taught, tried, tested and lived over the years. From psychology to mindfulness. It’s the dream syllabus I would give to my younger self — everything I wish I was taught at school.



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