Creative Arts for Wellbeing

Self expression is at the heart of being wholeheartedly human. Creativity is not about perfection. It is a process of play, flow and a connection with your authentic essence.

My creative arts offerings are intended to be a blend of mindfulness, gentle movement, expression and relaxation. No previous experience or ability is required. Just a curiosity and a willingness to play.

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Finding Balance & Peace

Creative Arts encompasses various forms of expression, including (but not limited to) art, crafts, dance, drama, music, spoken and written word.

Making things is a core part of being human. For centuries humans have had to make things to survive, care for and express ourselves, it’s only since Industrialism that we’ve become so out of touch with the process of creation.

It’s not about being artistic, though it can include that. Creativity is playful and experimental. You might lose track of time, you might get lost in flow. Some people equate it with mindfulness.

However you experience it, it is an important contributor to good mental health and a sense of wellbeing.

About Christine

My creative practices include art, dance/movement, sound, music, photography, filmmaking, writing, sewing, graphic and website design and more. Some of my practices are self-taught and others I have trained in professionally.

Like many children, I was told repeatedly that creativity couldn’t lead to a career. My mother actively tried to steer me away from it. She told me to stick to something serious like accounting. I ignored these messages and did EVERYTHING I wanted.

I studied Psychology at university, as well as first year Architecture, followed by training in Audio Engineering, Journalism and Photography.

Alongside my work at the BBC in London, I launched my music career as a singer and music producer. I currently have 4 albums and 50,000 listeners on Spotify. I was also a professional lifestyle and wedding photographer and my work continues to be published internationally.

I moved across the globe to New Zealand and started my studies in Dance/Movement Therapy in 2022.

In order to support my own mental health during such a big time of transition, I started visiting Christchurch City Libraries to join in creative activities such the sewing workshops. I spent many hours practising and learning to sew. I was reminded how much I love making things and the inner peace it brings.

In a move that felt like coming full circle, I joined CCL as a part-time Library Assistant based in Tūranga where I now help to facilitate creative events, including Crafting for Wellbeing and sewing workshops.

I believe that creative expression is an essential part of what makes us wholeheartedly human. We need creativity for our wellbeing, as much as we need good nutrition or healthy relationships.

I am now integrating all my experience and my background in movement, mindfulness and creative arts to offer my own regular workshops for wellbeing.

You’ll see that the point of creativity is not to be perfect, but to enjoy the process and to play.

You are warmly invited to join.


My music:

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