How To Create Awesome Confetti Shots

There is no doubt that one of everyone’s favourite wedding images is the confetti shot. As a photographer the challenge is in being able to capture a moment that moves very quickly, but for any couple planning their wedding the main thing to think about is what kind of confetti you want.

Check your venue’s rules about confetti

Not all venues allow confetti and some only allow biodegradable types. Whatever the rules are you need to check this first.

The key to a good confetti shot is to have LOTS of it.

Make sure you provide plenty of confetti for all your guests. I’ve never seen a guest bring confetti to a wedding but I have had couples forget to provide it. Get your ushers and bridal party to distribute it after the ceremony or leave it on your guests seats.



1. Confetti Cannons  

For the most dramatic and colourful shots, handheld confetti cannons are your friend. You can buy them at most party stores or online and they are perfect if you want LOTS of it. You can choose from a huge range of colours, paper/metallic/flowers. The reason confetti canons are so effective is because they propel a large volume of confetti into the air that has a much greater impact than if your guests were to just throw a handful of confetti each into the air. You really only need a few confetti canons distributed amongst your guests for awesome magic. It is possible to have too much confetti, but only insofar as I may not be able to get a clear shot of your faces if there is too much.

Confetti canons are perfect for maximum impact. You only need a 2-4 for fabulousness. This shot involved around 10 little ones which was almost too much.

2. Paper Confetti

The standard kind of confetti are variations of paper. There could be a whole science to how thick/thin, heavy/ light it should be but it really depends on the wind so there isn’t a need to overthink it.

3. Biodegradable Confetti

Flower petals are a perfect biodegradable option, you will find lots of options on the internet. Rice is hard to see on camera so I don’t recommend using it.

Biodegradable confetti options include dried rose petals (pictured) or other dried plants and petals.

4. Confetti Alternatives

If your venue doesn’t allow confetti at all how about bubbles, ribbon wands or sparklers in the evening?



How to Rock It


Please wait for your photographer to be ready

I always need a minute to tell guests how best to throw it and to get myself and camera settings ready.

Take It Nice & Slow

Enjoy the moment, it can happen all too quickly and it helps to get better shots if you take a relaxed pace.

Look Up & Smile!

By all means make sure you look where you are going, but it helps to look up and not at your feet so I can get a nice shot of your smiling faces.



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