Global Identities: Who Are We Now?

Eckhart Tolle calls it our inherited dysfunction. Ancient religions have referred to it as our collective madness. I’m sure that regardless of political opinion, many of us could agree that certain world events, such as Brexit, are perfect examples of how the world is... read more

Midlife Crisis or Awakening?

There are so many misconceptions and stigmas around midlife & quarter-life crises, we all experience them and yet many people still have an overwhelming sense that something must be wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with you! At its heart, a crisis is a... read more

The World Needs Your Love, Not Your Anger

Like many people around the world, I have been distressed by the news in Australia and all around the world recently. I was so upset and frustrated because I didn’t know what I can do to help beyond sending donations or signing petitions. Sometimes it can all feel too... read more

The Instagram Traveller

I wonder about instagram travellers who spend their lives hop scotching the world to collect the same photos of themselves at the same places everyone else has been. While it may seem to many that this lifestyle is one that symbolises success, I see a hollowness of... read more

Do You Value Your Time?

Hands up if you feel that between work and domestic household management, there’s no time left for you? These days the demands and distractions of city life mean that more and more people are feeling like there is nothing left for themselves. Life can easily... read more

The Pressure of Passion

In a world where we are constantly told that you should follow your passion, where we equate it with success and/or happiness, it can feel exhausting to be constantly told that you can achieve anything if you just set your mind to it and work really hard. I believe... read more


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