Are You Psychic?


A lot of what can sometimes feel like being psychic is actually just being aware of the state of other people’s nervous systems. It can feel like you “just know” how others feel all the time, you pick up “vibes” — all of which feels magical, but is simply making full use of your senses and awareness like all mammals do.

Learning to understand our nervous systems is powerful for creating harmony and deepening our connection with others, including animals. It’s also why you can have perfectly enjoyable and productive conversations with people in foreign countries, even if you don’t understand each other through words.

Ignoring the body has made the natural seem mysterious

As humans we seem to have largely abandoned the language of our bodies and nervous systems and instead have become overly reliant on our minds and words alone. Yet the non-verbal is what came first and what is necessary for survival.

It’s like driving a car only in first or second gear all the time. There is so much more to our senses and experiences than we actually pay attention to.

It is no wonder we struggle with mental health issues because we no longer understand what our bodies are doing. It’s only a mystery because we don’t bother to pay attention to our bodies anymore.

Psychic, supernatural or just natural?

We can immediately assume that the ability to sense other people on a deeper level must be a sign of something supernatural or being psychic. Which it’s not.

The danger of our own ignorance is that it can make us more likely targets for fake psychics and scammers who use various tactics — reading your body language and nervous system is likely to be part of it.

If you enrol in psychic classes, you are always told that everyone is psychic but not everyone is a medium. So that being the case, theoretically the answer to the question is that yes, you are probably psychic. But perhaps we need to redefine what being psychic actually means. There are some people who seem to have supernatural gifts that cannot be explained conventionally, nor through the nervous system — yet.

For most of us, it would certainly empower us to rise above challenging situations, by increasing our self-awareness and learning to understand our bodies and our nervous systems better.

It will have the effect of making us feel like we have a special ability.

Nervous system literacy is a key skill for therapists

This apparent psychic ability — of understanding nervous system states and its signs — is a skill and a “gift” all healing professionals utilise in their work. It does seem to come more naturally for some, but it is also something that can be learnt.

If you’ve ever had a really good therapist, it might feel like they just “get you”, like you have an authentic connection and that they deeply see you. It’s because they do — they really tune in and witness your nervous system in action, amongst other things. And humans are hard-wired to seek this authentic connection because it is healing and helps us thrive.

What can I do to learn to understand other people better?

Before you try to understand others, learn about yourself. Then other people immediately make more sense. Humans are not all that different from one another. We have surprisingly so much in common.

What can I do to become more familiar with my nervous system?

You can work with a somatic practitioner to help understand your body and your unique nervous system states better. Simply ask them if understanding or teaching about the nervous system is part of their work. For example, in my work I coach people to become familiar with their own bodies and states of stress and grounding, and I do explain the basic mechanics to all clients.

Learning Mindfulness is also very practical and helpful, as part of the focus is on encouraging body awareness which is an important skill to learn.

And if you would really love to get geeky and delve into the theory more, l can personally recommend the work of Deb Dana and her explanations of the Polyvagal Theory.

Understanding your nervous system is a superpower

The language of our nervous system goes beyond the language of words to understand directly what others are experiencing. It goes underneath the distracting mental noise, which often gets in the way of being understood.

It may be a superpower, but not necessarily supernatural.

Either way, my thoughts are that before trying to be psychic, try to be fully human. Learn nervous system literacy and get grounded in your body. There is no avoiding the fact that we live in our bodies and if we don’t bother to learn how to drive or inhabit them properly, well, everything is just more challenging in life.



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