Hello, I’m Christine

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I’m half German, half Japanese. I’ve spent most of the last 20+ years living in London, but also in Germany, Czechia, Indonesia and I now call Iceland home.

At heart, I am a free-spirited adventurer for whom a strong connection with nature is vital. It keeps me grounded and energised.

Where I will be buried? Who knows, I hope somewhere unmarked, wrapped in the roots of a magnificent tree that houses birds, bees, bugs, butterflies or other lovely creatures.

What do I do with my precious life on earth?

I help others to thrive and live wholeheartedly. I do this on a business level at Kokoro Creative and on a mind-body-soul level at Kokoro Healing Space.


  • Globally Certified TRE® Provider – Your Freedom Within
  • Reiki II – Reiki Academy London
  • Massage Therapist – Body Balance Germany
  • Dipl. Journalism – London School of Journalism (LSJ)
  • B.A Psychology  – University of Sydney

Your life follows your attention. Wherever you look, you end up going


My Story


I seem to live several lives at once and I never know which one to introduce first. There’s the creative me, a business me, and a healer-hermit type me. 

Let’s go chronologically shall we?

After completing a B.A in Psychology at the University of Sydney, I spent 20 years working in the corporate world, mostly for BBC Studios.

Parallel to that I was also a published  singer, songwriter & producer with a record label. And I was also a published travel and lifestyle photographer before instagram was a thing.

In 2014, my photography business was growing so much and I decided to take the leap to full time self-employment. 

I spent the next 5 years mostly shooting weddings and various commercial work in London and across the world. 

I had also started working as a webdesigner and business coach on the side, helping out friends who needed websites and advice for starting their own businesses. Out of that Kokoro Creative was born.

Like many entreprenuers, I worked so hard and I burnt out trying to do everything all at once and by myself. I was completely drained: of time, energy and financially. It drove me into a crisis and an awakening. 

I decided it was time to face all the concerns that I had been ignoring. My health and finances were the two big ones.

And I retired from professional photography.

First I felt the need to reset and to “heal”, even if I wasn’t quite sure what that meant.

My partner and I decided to sell all our things and seek a simpler 

and slower life close to nature.

I already had an appreciation for holistic health and wellness practises. But when I discovered TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) that really changed my life.

It took me on a fascinating journey of self discovery and healing, but the best part was, I could just let my body do it all for me. There was no thinking or going over old memories. Yet I have healed so much, including emotional pain and trauma — much of which I was unaware of until it left my body.

I decided to become a certified TRE® provider partly to deepen my own practise, but also to help others find their own healing.

Now I feel my work has meaning and I am able to bring all the different parts of my experience and interests together in helping others to thrive.


When I turned 40 I decided that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life helping give back to others and to the world. This manifested itself in my work helping others on their healing journey, from stress and from trauma. As I've discovered, we all have something to heal and it's only then that we can truly thrive. To find out more please visit our website.


Are you also a coach or entrepreneur helping others reach their full potential?

I am the founder and chief designer at Kokoro Creative. We design deluxe Wordpress websites for entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches just like you. If you'd like a website as beautiful as mine, then please visit to see the Limited Edition designs available.


Check Out My Podcast

I record the sounds of nature and release each episode on my podcast. No ads, no talking. Just nature – and mostly from Iceland.