After a 20 year corporate career spread across Australia, Germany & the UK, I became self-employed in 2014 to try and create a more meaningful life. But what it really took was for me to let go of everything I had, including my work, and start again. I completely reset my life at the end of 2018 and no, I don’t have a plan.

My current life is minimalist. I live in Reykjavik with my partner John, where we are finally living a simple and fulfilling life.

I’m immersing myself in study and creativity. I love spending time in nature and contemplating philosophy and the mystical experiences of life.

Curiosity is my driving force

Create space for stillness

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The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling

I sit with my beautiful new journal in front of me on my clear desk. Having chosen the colour carefully to reflect my mood for the year ahead, I feel cheerful and optimistic. I gently open it and flip through a few pages, I feel a magical sensation, as though a fairy...

The Loneliness of Awakening

The Loneliness of Awakening

One of the most difficult challenges of becoming more spirituality awakened, in my experience, is the feeling of isolation that arises when you realise how many people in your immediate life you can no longer relate to. All human beings crave connection with others,...

The Pressure of Passion

The Pressure of Passion

In a world where we are constantly told that you should follow your passion, where we equate it with success and/or happiness, it can feel exhausting to be constantly told that you can achieve anything if you just set your mind to it and work really hard. I believe...


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