Christine Wehrmeier.

Embodied Healing Practitioner, TRE® Provider, Podcaster

I am passionate about helping to educate and inspire others to find healing, to live wholeheartedly and to be true to themselves. I am the founder at Kokoro Healing Space and my podcast More To Life is available on Apple, Spotify and more.

“Health is feeling fully alive and present in your body.”


Author of “The Body Keeps Score


Imagine what it would feel like

to release

all that stress & tension

This image is of a geothermal vent located at Hverir in Iceland. The excess heat and gas produced underground is released from the earth’s surface in a cloud of steam. It’s an impressive example of how nature creates the means of releasing and transforming energy. Humans take advantage of this energy  by diverting it into our power grids for electricity.

Energy is constantly in a cycle of change and movement but it becomes a problem when there is a blockage anywhere.

Our bodies are designed to manage stress, but not for ongoing periods of time without release. When we don’t release stress, tension and trauma from our bodies, that energy has nowhere to go and becomes stored, where it will eventually build up and cause all kinds of problems and health issues. It becomes a burden and holds us back from living with a true sense of freedom and joy.


Unfold To Joy

As humans, we regularly prove to ourselves that continuously striving for things is just exhausting. What if you were to let go and simply unfold like a flower instead?

We can learn a lot from observing our animal friends who are always just wholeheartedly themselves and fully in the moment. When they feel joy, they feel it without hestiation.

In the same way, healing and joy are experiences to lean in and surrender to. Releasing stress is literally about letting go.

Under all the layers of the expectations you and others have of you, of all the things you are striving to achieve, worrying about, the roles you feel obliged to play, memories you still feel wrapped in and held down by — somewhere underneath all that, is you. And your joy.


How I Can Help You

I coach people to release emotions, stress and tension that holds us down and to help us reconnect with our bodies. 

My focus is on empowering people to become their own inner explorers and to heal at their own pace. Therefore my role is to hold a safe space, to teach simple self-help techniques and give valuable guidance.

I teach TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises), provide coaching in body and stress awareness, grounding techniques and apply a trauma-sensitive and mindfulness approach to my work.

I value natural and simple techniques.

I believe we are all born to thrive.


I have found the experience of learning and practising TRE® regularly a really valuable tool for relaxation. It helps me sleep much more deeply and to calm me after a stressful day. I’d say I’m generally more grounded since I’ve started doing it and since the pandemic, it’s great to have a self help tool to deal with all the uncertainty and to feel more resilient.


My Philosophy


The main focus of my work is help you feel fully present, aware and connected to your body.

We spend so much time in a state of stress these days. Stress itself is a natural part of life, and our bodies are also built to release it naturally – but this is the part we usually suppress. If our bodies cannot discharge stress naturally, it remains in our bodies where it builds up and can cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems. Imagine blocking your drain pipes – eventually there will be a problem if you don’t deal with it. Some of us turn to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping or thrill seeking to calm our nerves, but really we are just avoiding addressing the root of the issue.

Healing starts to take place when our bodies are no longer in a state of stress. And this happens when we give ourselves space to relax and heal. The body can then focus its resources on mending and growing rather than worry about survival. This is when we can finally unfold to our true potential.

By working directly with the intelligence of our human organism, we bypass the mind which is often our greatest obstacle. It is our mind, for example, that tells us to ignore our bodies and keep working, when really we need to rest.

It’s time to start embracing and honouring our bodies and the natural rhythms of life. 


I grew up in Australia and now live in Iceland. My partner John and I chose to move here to be closer to nature and to live more simply.

I run Kokoro Healing Space, which is an online community dedicated to helping people to create inner space to heal and thrive.

I am a published singer/songwriter & producer called Michiko, I have a podcast and in my free time I like to draw, listen to audiobooks, grow my own vegetables and play with the neighbours’ cats.

I dream of one day having a healing sanctuary for both people and rescue animals.




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I am the founder of Kokoro Healing Space, an online community dedicated to helping people create inner space to heal and to thrive. 


In More To Life I have deep, wholehearted conversations with people about their journeys to discover what is on the other side of the  challenges in life. We cover everything from burnout, wellbeing, travel, finding oneself and more.



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Want to talk?

If you’d like to find out more about my work and how I might be able to help you, please book a free, friendly 15 minute Zoom consultation. There’s no selling involved, we’ll just chat and then you decide if it feels right for you. Or you can go straight to make a booking.

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